HASport AC Bracket
Cold AC is a Good Thing

John Moeller
Parts by: HASport. Phoenix, AZ. 602-470-0065


When I went with a B-series motor swap 1 year ago, I ziptied my AC compressor to my lower crossmember in hopes of being able to once again use it, even though I didn't use it all that often before.

When HASport said their new AC bracket was close to completion, I bothered them incessantly until they caved in and dove right into the install on my car.

The kit itself is beautiful. Stiff aluminum bracketry and all new fasteners make my engine bay look better than it deserves. It's a very intricate piece that they've spent a long time on to get it just right. It has the bolt patterns to support both compressor styles that were available on the CRX. I have a Sanden AC compressor on my car, so that's the experience I'll be drawing on.

Installation, other than the typical Why-49 problems, was straightforward:

    1. Drain and remove radiator, remove lower crossmember.

    2. Fasten bracket to block, fasten compressor to bracket.

    3. Put fan on radiator, reinstall radiator and crossmember.

    4. Put belt on.

    5. Enjoy

On my car, the extra thick radiator looks like it may have a clearance problem with the AC Condensor fan, so that's an issue I'll mess with later, but it looks like it will fit fine otherwise or will probably fit in my case with some cutting/bending/cussing/a big hammer.

HASport really went above and beyond the call to make my car work. I knew going in that it was probably low on freon, so they checked me out and got me recharged. They put up with many Why-49 problems and messes. They stayed late to finish the job and they made sure they got it right. They're the only ones in this town that I trust to do work on my car. Just gotta give 'em some props because I appreciate it when anyone works their ass off on my behalf.

The belt used came off a 94 Integra LS core engine they had lying around: it's the Power Steering belt. It fits perfect.

A Very Big Picture of the Bracket Package

I recommend the kit without reservation. Looks great, works great.


Thanks HASport, Joe and Brian and Brian for staying late to make it work, troubleshooting and fixing the problems that they knew didn't have to deal with in the first place.