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Installing the AEM Intake in a 91 CRX.

Rick Friele, Webmaster at

Installing this intake was very easy. Took about 45 minutes. First thing to do is jack up the front of the car. Put some kind of jack stands or blocks underneath the sides of the car. Start off by removing the stock airbox. Remove the bolts holding it in place, and it will come right out. Disconnect the water hose from the throttle body and intake manifold. Disconnect the breather hose from the air inlet tube. Remove the air inlet tube from the throttle body.

Now it is time to remove the front bumper cover. Note: This not neccessary, but it makes things go much more smoothly, and speeds things up a great deal. Unscrew your corner lenses before you take off the bumper cover. To remove the bumper cover, you have to locate all the screws and bolts holding it in place. First, remove the 2 screws located in the wheel well. Both screws are facing towards the front of the car. Remove both screws on both sides of the car. Next remove the 3 large screws on the top of the bumper cover. Lastly remove the 2 bolts located underneath the car. If you are doing this by yourself, or have no one else around, remove the bumper cover by gently pulling on each side of it. With 2 people it makes it much more easier, but it can be done with one.

We now have the bumper cover off. It is time to remove the evil resonator. On the passenger side you will see a black, plastic container. That there is the resonator. First remove the bolt on the right side of it. When you have that removed, bend the resonator towards the front of the car to get to the bolt on the left side of the resonator. Once those are out, pull out the resonator.

It is now time to install the intake. Install one connector hose on the throttle body end of the inlet tube. Put on two hose clamps on the connector hose and snug them down; not too tight. Attatch the tube to the throttle body and turn it so it does not touch anything along its way. Install a connector hose onto the base of the air inlet horn and tightend that hose clamp. Install the second hose clamp, but just snug it down. Install the air inlet horn on the lower end of the inlet tube. Make sure that the base of the horn and the end of the tube butt against one another inside the connector hose. Tighten those hose clamps. You can now tighten the hose clamps on the throttle body. MAKE SURE THE INTAKE TUBE DOES NOT TOUCH THE POSITIVE BATTERY TERMINAL. Connect the breather hose to the inlet tube using the black breather hose and two clamps that come with the kit. Connect the water hose to the throttle body and the intake manifold using the black breather hose and two clamps that come with the kit.

Reassemble the bumper cover, put your corner lenses back on, make sure you have everytihng connected and tightened down, and start up your car. TAKE IT FOR A DRIVE.