Fluidyne Radiator
Thoughts on the Fluidyne CRX radiator


I recently purchased a Fluidyne Radiator from Dynamic Autosport, CA for $400 shipped. I'm very satisfied with the price and service I received from them. As most of you already know, the shipment was not all that great. I received a heavily molested package from UPS about 3 weeks too late. The person delivering the package was lucky I wasn't at home to have a word or two with him.

The radiator came in decent shape. There were a few bent fins, but nothing to the extent of defacing the value of the product. The drainage tap on the radiator is very high quality. There are also 3 mounts for the radiator fan. There are no mounting points for the condensor fan. I would recommend using a pusher type 9" fan in front of the condensor instead. This procedure is outlined on David Moore's website at www.dmoore.com .

Installation was somewhat complicated. Yes, the design is meant to be bolt in, but I had a few fitment problems (I expected this all along since it is an aftermarket product). My father and I finally managed to get the radiator in place after about 1.5 hours. The lower radiator hose touches the crossmember, and it would be necessary to noth the front crossmember in order to use the 3rd mounting point for the stock radiator fan.

After everything was set and in place, it appears as if the radiator sits higher than normal. I think this is probably because of it's thickness (38mm). The hood still clears the radiator so I guess it is okay.

The cooling on the radiator is just as it should be. The radiator cap is rated at 13lbs (compared to 9 lbs on OEM factory radiators).

So, was this all worth it?

Yes, and NO.

I bought this product with the intent of never having to repair a radiator in my life again. The stock honda radiators have plastic end caps, so it is no wonder they blow when extreme pressure is present.

Of course, the cooling is no different than any other radiator. Nothing special here. Just a thicker radiator, and I bet the cooling capacity on this radiator is the equivilant of a stock dual core Integra radiator.

The construction is what I believe gives the radiator its value. Would I recommend this radiator to everyone here on this forum? The answer is NO. This was very expensive and I still can't believe I actually spent so much on it. The only people I would recommend this radiator to are the people who are running high compression motors, or running under boost. A stock radiator can cool just as well as a high performance radiator by simply using a better thermostat and maintaining an effective coolant/water ratio based on climatic conditions. For the same price, I could have bought some HASport engine mounts! (As of 8/13/00 there is a group buy at www.groupbuycenter.com for some HASPort engine mounts right now. Check it out!)

I still don't have a radiator fan. My stock radiator fan never worked. Are there any good 12" Puller style fans out there? I would like something with less than 3.35" depth and the most CFM output. I am not worried about power consumption at this point. Any suggestions? Thanks.