Neuspeed Strut Tower Braces
Installation and Thoughts about popular CRX bars.


I purchased the front and rear polished Neuspeed strut tower bars last week and got them yesterday. Here is how it all went.

The rear strut tower bar came with 2 black mounts and the one polished bar that goes in the middle. Also included are 4 13mm Nyloc nuts and 4 12mm bolts. Installation of the bar was very simple.

I have no interior so all I did was remove the 4 14mm bolts on the rear shock towers. After this I placed the mounting brackets on top. The brackets are labeled L and R on the bottom to tell them apart and I think this is pretty much common sense. After putting the brackets on I put the bar in place with the word "Neuspeed" facing the rear. I them inserted the 4 12mm bolts to hold the bar in place. After this I tightened the shock tower nuts FIRST, and then I went on to tighten the 4 12mm bolts that hold the bar in place. Now all that was left was the Neuspeed Front Tower bar. The bar comes with 4 spacers which are to be placed between the bar and the tower. I went under the hood and removed the 4 14mm bolts from the shock towers. I then removed the plastic piece which holds the fuel line, and I unbolted the bracket for the clutch and throttle cable(held in place by 1 10mm bolt). I dropped the 4 spacers into place and proceeded to the next step. The throttle cable goes under the upper leg and over the lower leg of the Neuspeed bar.

When I went to put the bar on, it wouldnt fit! The bar simply appeared too big.

The trick here is to lift the car off it's wheels. I lifted the car up and sure enough with a little force it finaly fell into place. I torqued the 14mm shock tower bolts into place. Remember the plastic piece which holds the fuel line? Toss it. You can't use it because there is no more room.

I began bolting the throttle/clutch bracket in place and I realized it rubbed the bar. So, I bent the bracket but when I did this, the throttle cable began touching the bar at yet another point. My solution was to trim a small piece of the lower right bracket for the throttle cable bracket. I installed everything and it bolted up great.

I also have the Neuspeed rear lower tie bar. Installation for this was simple.

The test drive: The rear lower tie bar already helped the rear of my car turn through corners. It makes it feels as if I can make deeper turns at higher speeds. The rear strut tower bar has actually reduced noise from the chassis. I believe during the test drive I drove slowly up and down my driveway. Usually the steep slope made stress noises in the rear of the car while pulling into the driveway, but with the bar the noise is GONE!

The front strut tower bar made a world of difference. If there is any mod that helped in all this it would be the front.

I am currently running very high spring rates. 500 lbs. up front and 400 lbs. in the rear. This makes the ride very very stiff. You can feel even the slightest bumps, and if you ever encounter a speed bump you really have to slow down. I recently purchased a pair of 300 lb springs so hopefully I'll be able to get a more comfortable ride.

The front strut tower bar makes the car feel as if the suspension is working together. The ride quality has increased by making bumps slightly smoother, and now the potholes I encounter on my drives are not as bad as they used to be. Turning is alot easier now, and I can now actually turn where I want to go without having the tires break loose on me.

Overall installation times

    Front Upper: 1 hour
    Rear Upper: 15 minutes
    Rear Lower: 25 minutes

I was able to purchase the front and rear Polished Neuspeed tie bars at $250 shipped. This is a deal. If you email he may give you this deal please mention my email so there won't be too many questions.