The Honda CRX Performance site relies heavily on user donated content. This is very much your site. It needs you not only to read, but also to add your experiences to help educate and inform the other owners. If you have information you'd like to contribute, please inquire regarding one of the following...

Articles are most elaborate additions you can make to the site. Articles should contain a plethora of technical info, pictures, documentation, and whatever information you can bring to the topic. If you can add dyno graphs or timeslips (even if done with informal tools, like a G-TECH), it can really richen the article. If the article is about a product, you should inform the reader of any instructions that seem ambiguous, shortcuts that worked or didn't work, and an overall opinion on the product. If you have a project/product/experience/event that you feel is article worthy, e-mail John Moeller with details. Articles are updated monthly, and we look for 2-5 per month.

Reviews are short, 2-5 paragraph write-ups about a part/modification/shop or anything that is deemed appropriate. Pictures are not nessecary, but if there is a link somewhere on the internet to the product/picture of it, it should be included. If you have something review worthy, please email Joey Proulx with your ideas. Reviews are updated monthly, I look for at least 5 per month.

The FAQ is used to answer many of the repeatedly asked questions that newbies often post on. Not only can you add a topic for FAQ, but if you have something to add to another topic already in the FAQ, feel free to e-mail John Moeller with your information.