Corner Lamp Lighting Tricks
William Ng - April 20, 2000

Apparently, 2nd generation CRXes sold exclusive of the USDM, do not have flashing corner lamps when the respective turn signal is used. Below lists two cheap and simple methods to achieve this effect:

1. To get the sides to blink when only the running lights are "ON", will require (1) Bosch-type SPDT relay per side.


1. Locate the +12V leads to the bumper turn signal, and the corner lamp.
2. Tap a line from the +12V turn signal...attach this to terminal 86 of relay.
3. Cut the corner lamp +12V lead. Attach the end from the car to terminal 30.
4. Attach the lamp end of lead to terminal 87a.
5. Attach terminal 85 to a good GND.

You are now done. The corner lamp will now flash alternatingly to the turn signal.

2. To get them to blink even when the running lights are off, like during daylight hours, will require (2) per side. But I don't see a point to this, since it'll be too dim to see in sunlight.

Modifications to above steps:

1. Remove the corner lamp feed attached to term. 30 of relay1.
2. Splice this lead into two leads.
3. Attach these leads to relay2's terminal 87 and 86.
4. Splice a 2nd lead from the +12V feed from the bumper turn signal.
5. Attach this lead to terminal 87a of relay2.
6. Attach a lead from terminal 30 of relay2 to terminal 30 of relay1.
7. Attach a good GND to terminal 85 of relay2.

You are done...With the running lights off, the turn signal and corner lamp will flash in unison, once running lights are turned on, they alternate.