Why I hate the JRSC, in 5000 words or less.
John Moeller - May 23, 2000

So many people are followers of the JRSC saying it adds instant torque lots of useable power, and most often use these to refer to the car's "streetability". Magazines like to perpetuate this myth. Most of the people I see hyping the Jackson don't actually have one, they just read the info on supercharger.com

The Jackson Racing Supercharger was probably the most unstreetable mod I ever did for my car.

The thing that was constantly on my nerves was the SC's tendency to run lean on light throttle.. On the street, you don't always run full throttle. And if you do, you should probably be running a turbo setup (grin). But when I'd use a little bit of gas to accelerate behind traffic or whatnot, my car's A/F gauge (admittedly, it's not the best form of determining richness) would go to lean, then go back to rich/stoich after about 1 to 1.5 seconds.. This would cause the car to lurch and just be a general pain in the ass to drive.

For those curious if something was wrong with my setup, my car had 170+psi compression in all 4 cyls, not varying more than 10psi, my timing was retarded only 2 degrees from stock (16 degrees total) which I checked maticulously and often. I played with my fuel pressure, but 65psi at the rail was ample for the setup. My plugs read rich. My car rarely pinged. I was also running the 92-95 Civic crank pulley for additional boost, indicated at ~8psi on my gauge.

Another reason I wasn't really impressed with the kit was that my car was slow. I was only running 15.4s, and I was one of the faster JRSC'd cars at my local drags.. The only faster car with a JRSC I've seen is a very modified 99 Civic Si running mid 14s. My runs were on street tires, and I'm no drag racer, to it's defense.

Also to it's defense, I've heard the JRSC'd CRX runs great with a programmable ECU like a Zdyne or Hondata. But I don't have a grand to spend on something to make the JRSC better, unfortunately.

Compared to a B16A CRX, it lost on the street by multiple car lengths. Even off the line. The B16A CRX feels much more sprightly off the line because of it's gearing. However, I was able to surprise a lot of people when I had it (B18C 6G coupe, various 3800 V6 Camaros, friend's 5L Mustang, etc), but the JRSC is what I like to call "deceptively slow". The JRSC's "torque" can't hold a candle to the DOHC VTEC swap on the freeway or even off the line. The high end and low end power were both disappointing, but the mid range was actually quite impressive. I can understand why it'd be great for autocross, as you drive around in that RPM range with your foot on the gas thus avoiding the lean on throttle tip-in problem. It made cool noises, but I'll continue to try to talk many CRXers out of the JRSC unless they figure something out to make it better on the street.

I'd like to hear from other JRSC owners who had the same problems. Email me and I'll add what you have to say to this page.