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Re: crank pully (more) it is a bitch, SECRET...

I've had that same question before.

Re: OEM Foglight Switch -pictures/details...

Re: OEM Foglight Switch -pictures/details...

Gee Steve....

Re: Gee Steve....


attach a 3/8" to 1/4" convertor to a 5" extension

What do you want to know?

Body seam seal (long)

A trick and a review.

its really easy to fix

Pounding aside,....

It's NOT nitrous.

Re: USDM CRXes are supoosed to do that.

Re: squeaky rear Hatch!! Im going nuts

Tranny School 101

ES LCA with no Air / Press Required . . .

not impossible.......

Fuel injector (AUTOFAQ)

Re: Pro-kit and blues

Re: depends on the jackshaft.

Get a screwdriver.....(Benchshifting 101)

Bench Bleeding 101.........

Alot of factors....+ Burnout 101

The ultimate CRX cupholder solution inside


What are 1G swap options?

Exploded the diff............


Just AutoFAQing.......n/m

Re: CRX tranny ID pics.............I need help

how much for the spring

Re: CRX wont start, alt. still good, so is batt.????

Not without a lot of hassle (can be done).

Well, I'm no Corky Bell, but

Some physics ... (long but mostly correct answer)

dont mind me...

why hasnt anyone autofaqued this yet?

Re: LSD's

How long has it been since you've bled the

Re: how to find TDC on Si?

I'll autofaq this

Re: You are God n/m


Re: DC Header installation for a newbie?

maybe not the ignitor

READ! Pickle fork trick.

Mysterous idle problem solved! Read and memorize!

Head Does NOT need to come off.

torque to yield TTY

Goddamit im confusing myself

AutoFAQ'ing. nm

Bolts and torque -FAQ'able version

Bolts, point 2

I gotta AutoFAQ this.

Very simple.

FMU for Turbo tirade (autofaq)

gear ratios 101 (and I mean 101)

Autofaq'ing this...

Yup. I saved a copy of my write-up, too.

Re: sort of complete list

I'm with Dave

BIGGEST difference

LS/V vs factory Vtec, revised

just auto faqing n/m

Re: b16a build up question stroker or not to stroker

Re: Can I have the post you did

Autofaqing for posterity...

Re: Boost threshold vs. lag

Do's and don'ts of lightening flywheel...

Re: dash swap please help asap

Autofaq'n it.....

ST Sway Bar Tech (and update)

what about master cylinder

your car sucks

keep on truckin

Wow! Thanks guys! Great input!

Re: any low cost good quality parts for 91 crx dx

Re: anyone got a h22a really what about this

Re: anyone got a h22a really what about this

Re: Engine Swap/Mods

Re: I hate the look busy crap.

Re: A bullet?


auto faq

Re: im here in North carolina and cant find any.

Re: wgat i plan to do!

Re: Need to get Helms Manuel!

Re: My brother and I did something similar

Re: where in SC? I am in Greenville. n/m

Re: He Sent you an OBD1 Motor.....KEEP IT

Re: what ECU did he send you?

Re: Whoa Momma!

No that is jacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: What is up with the AutoFaq

Re: nice

Re: Which one?

Re: Doing jobs like this...

Re: Need tips on Ball Joints????

Re: Join the club, sista'....

Re: Got my CRX HOT WHEELS Tunerz car yesturday...

Re: I want to buy a CRX TODAY!!

another question

Re: Autozone, Advanced Auto...I think they are $5-$8..

Update on D16 JRSC adapter to ZC cylinder head

why don't you...?

damn verify....

dizzy rebuild

Re: What is the average life of a stock clutch?

I got only 2 pics