Horror Stories

Horror Stories are user accounts of bad performance, advertising, service or just plain things we should know about the parts and services available for our cars. Our close-knit network of enthusiasts look out for other enthusiasts and this is the forum that should be used to make other people aware of people or companies that come through.

It should be noted that these stories are often very emotional, and this factor should be taken in by the reader. Energy and anger are often in full-force when they are written, and when these elements are factored out, you may find the story more or less powerful as a result.

In addition, the CRX Performance Site, HYBRID or any of it's affiliated sites assume no responsibility for these stories. They are just accounts by the users, and not slanderous/libelous in intent. Please see our disclaimer for information.

Submissions will be accepted, but quality is paramount. Short convoluted diatribes are not welcomed. If you would like to round up a group of people who are ripped off by the same person or company with expansive, personal individual accounts on what happened, this would be better suited to the format. Remember, this area is here so you only have to write it once: make it count. Email John for more information.

  • #1 - Jackson Racing -- Marc Barth's account of poor customer service and general supercharger thoughts from a leader in the import scene.