Maximizing the CRX Math Page
CRX Math Page

I added the CRX Math section so that users can see how potential changes in their car affect other systems. After making just a small part of the page, I realized even more uses than I intended, and that I should write them here so that you can know to use them to your full advantage, as they're customized the to the CRX.

Tranny/MPH/RPM Calculator

  • To find the variation your aftermarket wheel and tire combo has changed your speedometer/tachometer readings.
  • Potential top speed can be calculating your revlimit in 5th with your tranny/tire combo. If you make the HP required to reach that RPM, you have your top speed.
  • Downshift points. Many drivers like to downshift to achieve maximum revs and get a shorter gear in a corner. Just pick whatever RPM is optimal to your application, and select each gear and solve for speed to solve where to shift down.
  • Solving for tachometer/speedometer miscalibration. Obtain actual values in your car, then compare them. Espicially useful if you have removed your gauge needles to install gauge faces.
  • VTEC points can be determined so you can decide which tranny is best for you.